Food And Nutrution

Our program overview

Haiti is one of the most food-insecure places in the world. according to World Food Programme, 30% of the population is considered food insecure. a place where basic needs such as electricity, running water, and health care are scarce. Frequent natural disasters and lack of resources make it nearly impossible for families to grow enough food to feed themselves. As a result, many communities have a high percentage of malnutrition.

therefore, we are working with communities to provide malnutrition programs and programs that promote food security and improve agriculture, such as school gardens and irrigation projects. This factor aims to ensure that communities have better access to healthy food and products that they can sell to improve their incomes.

for programs that focus on nutrition-specific, our approaches address the immediate determinants of Pregnant women, child nutrition, and development. These programs focus on key local practices that produce good nutrition outcomes.




Water and Sanitation

Socio-Economic Development