The health crisis in Haiti

The health crisis in Haiti

A woman in Haiti has a one in 80 chance of dying due to pregnancy or child birth. The infant mortality rate is 59 deaths for every 1,000 live births.

Our Health Program

Haiti faces serious challenges in the health sector, a history of political unrest, and a weak public system starving for decades and lacks the resources necessary, left many regions without adequate numbers of trained health workers, supplies, and infrastructure to meet the needs of the most remote and marginalized communities.

To respond to these health needs we provide life-saving community and facility-based health care in Haiti, We equip and empower locally-led health initiatives in a range of ways, including through training and mentorship, infrastructural improvements, medical equipment/materials, and financial support.  We help a range of health projects but specifically focus on maternal, neonatal/infant, and trauma care.

Improve Access and Quality of Care

Improve Access and Quality of Care

With our focuses centered on marginalized communities, we support local health workers, we developed partnerships, and implemented training programs, we also increase their ability to serve the people who are hardest to reach and to respond to crisis. 

We support a range of community health programs focused on providing care for the most vulnerable women and children. This includes enabling local partners to provide effective health care and prevention in the community, through immunizations, health education, malnutrition treatment, and the identification and referral of high-risk cases that need the assistance of a clinic or hospital.



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