Education is the most powerful tools in overcoming extreme poverty.

Education is the most powerful tools in overcoming extreme poverty.

Education can provide people the information and skills they’ll need to survive in emergency situations, and also spark opportunities, opening doors and lifting families. For a lot of children in Haiti , school is too often just a dream. The dream of education is a dream of better health, less poverty, more stability. We believe every child deserves to live those you?

Our program overview

                    In Haiti, the average cost for parents to send their children to school is $130 per year, According to data from the World Bank (2020). As a result, about 50% of children do not attend school for economic reasons. Base on a survey conducted by UNICEF, in 2008, approximately 30% of them attending primary school will not make it to third grade, 60% of them will abandon school before sixth grade. This difficulty for parents to send their children to school is due to the fact that many schools are running privately and not every parent can afford the tuition fee which is about $130. Those striving to pay the $ 130 have no other source of funding to meet their children’s other expenses to keep them in school.

                   The Haitian Support Connections creatively responds to the needs of the most vulnerable children and young people living in difficult environments such as in certain areas in the western and northern regions of Haiti. So, that they don’t lose their potential as the pillar of the future of Haitian society.

                   HSC specializes in providing direct educational support to children and youth in poor areas through scholarships and direct sponsorship. In addition to direct support, HSC has also established partnerships with certain institutions through specific projects to the benefit of older children and young people.

                  Our vision is for education to play a real role as a basic tool to help change the lives of disadvantaged children in Haiti. Therefore, HSC wants children and young people, through education, to be empowered to become architects and stewards of their own future and that of their communities.

At HSC, we are able to accomplish these tasks through three fundamental pillars:


                 All children have the right to education in accordance with article 32 of the Haitian Constitution. Based on this, we at HSC determined that disadvantaged children have this opportunity. We, then, focus specifically on the primary and secondary school years. We strive to ensure equal access to quality education for all students. We are determined to reach those who find themselves in the worst situations and who live outside the cities, often overlooked by policymakers. In particular, boys, and girls living in disadvantaged areas and people with disabilities.


                 Going to school is not enough. It needs a lot of support so that children can stay in school and get a good education and learning opportunities. In this perspective, HSC maintains a policy of active participation of schools. Therefore, thanks to the program, students can get help with school meals and study-related expenses. Consequently, it greatly contributes to children’s regular attendance at school and increases their ability to acquire knowledge and skills for their future stages.


                 In order to promote sustainable development, at HSC, we believe in the capacity of Haitian professionals to lead the various programs in the field. We ensure that they regularly receive additional training such as continuing education, seminars, conferences, and educational workshops so that they can arm themselves in their tasks. Apart from this, we teach students directly specific concepts that are valuable in professional life, such as basic skills in civics, sociology, computer science, accounting, and financial education.

                Thanks to your valuable donation, the education program is still in progress. We are counting on your generosity. Always remember that there are no gifts, big or small. No matter how much you give, you can always make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children benefiting from this famous program in Haiti. 



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