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Billy Ysac – Secretary and Board Chair

Born and raised in Haiti, Billy developed a deep passion for helping Haitian families, especially those identified as the poorest class of this society. Driven by the spirit of mutual aid, after obtaining his medical degree in Haiti, Billy quickly integrated into the humanitarian world. From there, he had the opportunity to develop and coordinate several programs to support families, especially women and children, while working in several non-profit organizations. 

Among the various projects he has been involved in, Billy has coordinated UNFPA’s MISP-SRH (Minimum Initial Service Package for Sexual and Reproductive Health) project. Working as a Health Facilitator at World Vision and joining Nurses Care For Haitian Children as In-Country Director, was an opportunity for Billy to acquire a set of skills and a lot of experience in the field of humanitarian aid. Before joining Haitian Support Connections as Co-Founder, Secretary and Chairman of the Board, Billy worked and participated in various projects and initiatives with organizations such as Colectiva Mujer y Salud, Hands Up for Haiti and Flying Doctors.